September & October 2006

My Precious Brethren,

A. What looks possible... But God!!
Please realize, my dear brethren, that the nation we love, that many of us have fought in the armed forces for, that all of us have prayed for, and for which of those of us realize her perilous condition weep over! I have tried to warn my fellow countrymen that our dear nation has begun to fall! But I didn't realize that portions of our dear nation has already begun to be sold to foreign nations until these days!!

  • Have you seen News Magazines with the Headline, "America for Sale"?
  • How big is our deficit? Check which set of books the US wants to show you.
  • The one in billions or the truthful one in trillions... page 14 in the September 4, 2006 "New American"

B. What looks impossible... "But God" Acts 20:21, Ephesians 2:8,9,10

Now October 11, 2006, Still uncertain, but hope to be back on the field soon. The work continues with many works going, and preaching, teaching, and Preachers' Schools going constantly. There is victory in Christ.

An update on what has been happening!

We left our home in Missouri on September 9th with our pickup loaded up to go back to the mission field. Ross got to feeling pretty bad on the way to the border and we noticed he was breaking out with a rash on his body below his ribs in front and on his back left side (half way around his waist). We arrived at the Frontier Baptist Mission at the border on Monday September 11th. By then Ross was broken out with the worst rash I have ever seen, and in severe pain. Bro. Kilpatrick had made an appointment for him with the doctor the next day. When the doctor saw it he immediately said it was a bad case of shingles (herpes zoster). He was covered with blisters in front and back. He was in a lot of misery and couldn't sit up or lie down without being in a lot of pain. It has affected him all over. On Sunday morning September 17th feeling very bad with sharp pains he couldn't stand it so we took him to the hospital in Harlingen, TX. He was in the hospital 1 1/2 days, and they did some different tests on him. He was released on Monday, but still in a lot of pain. We want to thank Bro. Kilpatrick and his wife and Bro. and Mrs. Jones at the Frontier Baptist Mission for their much help and taking care of us while we were there. They were wonderful and we thank the Lord for their love and concern for us.

We want to thank Iola Baptist Temple, Iola, KS for making it possible for their pastor, Roger Collins, our son-in-law and his wife, Mary to fly down to Harlingen to drive us back home. We left there on Tuesday September 19th. We got home on Thursday September 21st.

We want to thank our pastor, Bro. Jones and members of the Mound Baptist Church for their help since we have been back home in taking my husband to the doctor and to the hospital in Springfield, MO for two days plus food and all the other nice things they have done for us.

Thanks also to those who have sent cards and given us special offerings, and for those that visited him in the hospital. May the Lord bless you each for your kindness.

Ross is not in a lot of pain, but he still isn't well. He is weak and doesn't have an appetite. Please Pray for him.

Night Cometh,

Ross and Ida Mae Fite

US Address:
Ross D. Fite
Mound Fundamental Baptist Church
PO Box 520
Ozark, Missouri 65721

Home phone: 417-683-4273
Cell phone: 417-207-3128

Field Address:
El Salvador, Central America Caribbean Coast & Chiapas Mountains of SE Mexico
Sr. Ross David Fite
Aparatado 158 (C.P. 30000)
Comitan, Chiapas, Mexico

If you would like to make an offering specifically to The Fites' ministry in Mexico, you may submit your Love Offering through mailing your check or money order to

Friendship Baptist Church
2209 E Pawnee St
Wichita, KS 67211

Please put on your check, "Ross Fite - Central America"

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