October 27, 2006

Dear Pastor and Mrs. Day and Friendship Baptist Church

Thanks for praying for Jonathan. For a number of weeks now he's been with his mom at a neurological clinic for intensive therapy to encourage other parts of the brain to take over the functions of the part that was damaged. He's made great progress and can walk and talk and move, but is still not quite back to normal. Please continue praying for him.

Our Retterburg meeting was quite well attended and seems to have generated some positive change. Joachim, who has taken over part of the staffing, has made a website for the schedule to simplify communication and organization. Petra, a young mother is now helping with the technical preparation of pictures and puppet sound tracks, relieving Fritz, who just started a new job. Lele, a university music major, has taken over song preparation. Several teachers of the the older group are planning to start a separate class in November for the 11 and 12-year-olds who are bored and think themselves too old for puppets and kids' stuff. As we've been having more in the Retterburg than ever before (over 30) we're hoping the resulting redistribution will sufficiently reduce the size of the classes. Please continue praying for the Retterburg.

Since Leni's husband's prostrate surgery. I've heard from her once. She wrote about learning to trust God as the only thing that helps overcome the crippling fear. I'm hoping she'll return to the walking group before long and we can talk about it more. My neighbor Gabi, who is also in the walking group, unexpectedly came to one of our evangelistic services in the cinema and said she really liked it. Please pray also for her.

Thank you for your support of $80 last month.

Renae Thompson

Renae Thompson
Unterklinger 25
63867 Johannesberg

e-mail: heynae@freenet.de

If you would like to make an offering specifically to Renae's ministry in Germany,, you may submit your Love Offering through mailing your check or money order to

Friendship Baptist Church
2209 E Pawnee St
Wichita, KS 67211

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