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Jim was born in Cromwell, Oklahoma, where Jim Sr. worked for the Sinclair Refinery. Later, moving to Shawnee, they became members of the Immanuel Baptist Church, where Jim was saved and baptized in 1932. Again the family moved, this time to Colorado where Jim went to junior and high school, entering the U.S. Coast Guard in 1943. During the next two and a half years, Jim received recognition for his participation in eight of the major battles in the Pacific, qualifying him for an early discharge, though he stayed in until after the peace was won.

Jim and Marie Strickland

Marie Houser was born in Brush, Colorado. She was saved at 13, and she and her family were all baptized in the same service. She and Jim met at the First Baptist Church of Englewood, Colorado. As Jim's parents had become members of this church during his absence in the military, he joined soon after returning home. Jim and Marie were part of the group of 14 young people of this church who entered Bible Institute in September of 1946. They became engaged toward the end of the first year, were married during the summer, and returned to school for the second year as Mr. and Mrs. Strickland.

In 1948/49 Jim and Marie were home missionaries of the First Bible Baptist Church of Ft. Collins, Colorado. Jim became co-organizer and Pastor of the Bible Baptist Church of Sidney, Nebraska. Then, after periods as Associate Pastor and Pastor in churches in Colorado and Nebraska, Jim was ordained in 1953 by the First Baptist Church of Englewood, Colorado, whose pastor was one of the great fundamental preachers of those early days, Dr. Harvey H. Springer.

The Stricklands sailed the same year for Montevideo, Uruguay, where they began their missionary ministry. In 1960 they "moved across the river" to Argentina, where they continued to serve. Their missionary ministry spans more than fifty years. The Lord gave them six children, all of whom are now married. They have fifteen grandchildren and five great grandchildren.

News from Argentina

October 3, 2005

Dear Praying Friends:

What a month of emotional highs—and lows!

Marie and I arrived in the USA on August 9th, traveling 23 hours after leaving our home in Rosario, Argentina. During the closing weeks before our departure we were honored to have been in several different "going away" services where we were presented with flowers, plaques, and a host of letters from different people with whom God has given us a contact through the years.

One was at the first church we organized in Argentina where we had been invited to preach both services on Sunday. We were to arrive on Saturday. What they had not told us was that they had a Strickland Appreciation Day planned for Saturday evening in which many beautiful things were said, many letters read from different pastors and others, and the presentation of flowers and commemorative plaques. That was a definite high.

Later we were invited to preach in the 38th anniversary of another church, started as a mission from that church, and organized later under the ministry of Missionary Richard Todd, with whom we have worked closely through the years in many projects, including the construction of the Youth Camp near Buenos Aires. Again a host of testimonies related to the ministries of Marie and I. Another high!

Working at home between these and upcoming services was often an emotional low as we went through the accumulation of 52 years of missionary work there, sorting out where to place materials and equipment where it would continue to be used effectively. It had to be reduced to three small trunks which held numerous things of such sentimental value that we could not part with them. Though we will be returning for special occasions, we were constantly aware that we would not be able to carry on the full-time ministries that had been our life for so long. That was a low that seemed to grow almost daily.

The churches in Rosario each had a special day for us, which brought back many wonderful memories of the way God has blessed His people through the years. Again the churches were packed, and there were testimonies and presentations. Marie and I were both given time to give a testimony in which we thanked God for these wonderful people that He has brought to a knowledge of Himself, and has guided in their spiritual growth.

Pastor Martín Kechichian, saved in the early months of our ministry more than fifty years ago, made a trip from Uruguay to bring greetings from his family and the people of the church he pastors there. His presence was very uplifting for both Marie and I. Poor health kept his wife from accompanying him.

The day of our departure was traumatic . We both would have been happier to have had the strength and health to keep going a few more years, but are yielding to whatever God has planned for our future. We are much encouraged in knowing that the churches we started are under the capable leadership of graduates of our seminary, who love these people as we do.

Marie and I will be traveling to the churches that made our missionary ministry possible, and already have numerous conferences scheduled. If you have any special dates on which you would like us to visit your church, please contact us right away.

In His Service,
Jim Strickland


If you would like to make an offering specifically to The Stricklands' ministry in Argentina, you may submit your Love Offering through mailing your check or money order to

Friendship Baptist Church
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Please put on your check, "Jim Strickland - Missionary to Argentina"

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