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September 12, 2006

Earlier this year there was a major protest in our London streets over some Danish cartoons of the Prophet Mohammed that have provoked fury in the Arab world. It is obvious by the signs of these extremist depicted above that “Peace” is not their intent. Not only do they advocate violence but they are not interested in a peaceful co-existence. Their goal is to dominate.

I wanted to raise this issue for two reasons: first I wanted to make you aware of the Muslim community we face here in London. I am certain that there are many nominal Muslims who are not involved in or support such hostile views but the nominal followers must never be mistaken for the historical position. I want you to know that for the most part there is nothing nominal about the Muslim community in London. I hope this will fuel your prayers for us and this city. Second, I want to remind you that we are in a fight for the world. These are not simply images that we see on the Television as we are flipping through on our way to a favorite program. So much of this issue concerning the Muslim faith, because of the medium through which it comes, registers as mere entertainment. I don’t mean entertainment in the sense that we enjoy what we see but rather it is knowledge that we see, are repulsed by, and then move on to the next breaking story. It is knowledge for knowledge sake so that we have something to talk over with our friend or to fill in our crossword. My prayer is that instead of passing over it on your way to a little more eye candy I hope it would move you to take action. I want you to pray that Christ will be exalted in the key cities around the world. I want you to share the truth about Jesus daily. We are in a fight and the Muslims are serious – are we?

Thank you for your prayers for us and our ministry. Please keep an eye out for “This is London” in your subject line that will be us with a fresh update. We love you

Brian, Mindy, Madison & Hudson Clark
Your Missionaries to London
Luke 5:7


Islam in London, England Today

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