Does God Destroy Nations? (Three Reasons Why He Does)

To answer that question, we must look into the historic past. The best book on the history of mankind is the Bible. The Bible can be confirmed by world history, although the Bible doesn’t need man’s confirmation.

The Old Testament is a study of world history which shows God’s hand setting up empires and then removing them; setting up kings and removing them; showing His grace, even to the world’s most wicked monarchs to bring about His divine will and plan.

The question is, “Has God ever gotten rid of a nation as a world power?” Let’s confer with the Bible.

Dan. 2:31-35
In this chapter, Nebuchadnezzar, king of Babylon has been given a dream by the God of heaven but couldn’t remember what the dream was, or what it meant. He called upon his servants and they also failed in knowing the dream and its meaning. We know why! This dream was specially given by God giving him specific information on future world events. Nebuchadnezzar, and his counselors knew nothing about the God of heaven…at least, at that time. Since they failed the king in telling him about the dream, Daniel was called upon by king Nebuchadnezzar to tell him what his troubling dream was, and what it meant.

Daniel gave the king what he asked for, but probably not what he wanted to hear.

In the dream, the king had seen a great “man-like image” whose head was of gold, symbolizing the nation of Babylon; his breast and arms of silver, symbolizing Greece; his legs of brass symbolizing Media-Persia, legs of iron symbolizing Rome, then the break up of all those nations by the stone cut out without hands, symbolizing Christ’s world wide kingdom which is yet to come, but indeed will come.

The verses following verse 35 give the details of those kingdoms, or empires, showing their political, economic, and social aspects in the world. They all ruled the world in consecutive order from approximately 600 B.C. until 600 A.D. Now the question?

What happened to those nations?
Plain enough, God removed them! To take the thought a little further, what happened to Spain, who once was a dominate world power? and Germany, who came close to winning World War II? What happened to the once U.S.S.R. that had a strong hold on those eastern nations?

And. . . .what do we see happening to our beloved nation, the United States of America?

Here are three brief reasons, with brief explanations of Why God Destroys Nations.


I. An Apathetic Attitude
Apathy means, “without feeling, concern, emotion, or compassion, (in this case) toward once held values.”

In a nation where the brightest and best should be in government, we see the some of the worst.

Congressmen and women seem to only be concerned for their pocketbook; fear of loosing their high salary position involve themselves in crime and corruption to secure it, have taken an attitude of apathy toward the values that built this great nation. They are quick in setting standards and laws for others to keep that they themselves don’t keep. Jesus reprimanded the Pharisees for this very thing. One is in serious trouble when reprimanded by the word of God.

Father’s are apathetic toward their family.
Instead of loving and leading their home, they involved themselves in the pleasure life and their family quickly becomes a burden and a bother. Families are the building blocks of any nation. As the family goes, so goes the nation.

Mother’s are more concerned about their careers than mothering their children. This causes family bonds to become almost non-existant. About 60 years ago, families were supported by the father’s paycheck. For reasons of the war (ww 2), wives and mothers began working in the plants. This provided two incomes. After the war, the work arrangement was kept. With double salaries now supporting the home, the economic world took notice, and began raising the prices on domestic items, and most things that Americans buy. Now it takes two salaries to do what one salary used to do.

We see apathy toward he home, the government, the Bible, the New Testament church, and etc, etc.


II. Abortion of Babies
Nothing new about abortion of babies. It was practiced in ancient Rome, but not to the tune of 1.5 million babies per year, as in the U.S. Abortion is treated as a national treasure, protected and promoted. When sin becomes a valued thing, life looses its value and becomes cheap and unwanted. Since the early 1970’s, when wholesale abortion became “legal,” America has aborted some 50 – 60 million lives. How many of those would have been saved, called to preach, be missionaries, godly fathers, mothers, business owners, congressmen and women, governors, etc? How many others would have been influenced to turn to Christ by those who would have been saved? How many would be in the U.S. workforce and helping to hold back the assault of illegal immigration by taking “their jobs?”

Does God value life? Certainly! He created it!

Does God value the nation that aborts life? - What happened to Rome? Certainly, abortion was not the only reason for the fall of Rome, but was one of them.

If God drove those nations out of Canaan for their sacrifice of babies and children (in the Old Testament) He must have had a high value of human life. He still does.

Some people of our nation do not like the 10 commandments. Why? It is the voice of God telling them, “Thou shalt not kill…lie…steal…abuse God’s day…commit adultery…covet…etc.” and they don’t want anyone telling them what the shouldn’t do, especially God.

America has bloody hands. God destroys nations for abortion of babies.


III. Absence of men of God

Ezekiel 22:30
God is telling Ezekiel, “Tell the House of Israel, I looked for a man that would stand for me in the gap, the breech in the wall, and help hold back the destructive power of sin upon my nation, but I found none.” (paraphrase)

America once had godly men in her government, her work places, homes, schools, businesses, etc. It used to be that no one could run for elected government office unless he had an open profession of faith in Christ. In the 1960’s, Biblical standards began to be dropped and the destructive power of sin began chipping away at the foundational stones of America.

America still needs godly men in the pastorates, in government, in colleges as professors, and other institutions of learning, in the military, in businesses, and in homes. God desires those who have called upon Christ for salvation to live for Him and be godly men.

Commit your life to Christ to be that godly man, woman, teenager. You owe it to Christ, your home, your church, your neighbors, and your nation.


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