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Date Title Preacher
12-10-2017 Characters involved with the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ Ray Melugin
12-3-2017 The Angels Message Ray Melugin
11-26-2017 Being Thankful is a Moral Necessity! Ray Melugin
11-19-2017 Who Celebrated Thanksgiving Thousands of Years before America? Ray Melugin
11-12-2017 Putting on the WHOLE Amour of God as a soldier of Christ! Ryon Emmons
11-5-2017 What are my priorities in life? Ray Melugin
10-29-2017 What is the MEAT of Dedication? Ray Melugin
10-22-2017 Why Do Churches Die? Ray Melugin
10-15-2017 What do you think of when you hear the word 'surrender'? Steve Day
10-8-2017 Parable of the Talents. Wanting to hear the phrase 'Well done thou good and faithful servant' Ray Melugin
10-1-2017 Kinsmen Redeemer Ryan Emmons
9-24-2017 The Greatest Praise! Ray Melugin
9-10-2017 What happens to nations who bless or curse Israel? Steve Day
8-27-2017 Will YOU hear these words "Well done thy good and faithful servant" con't. Ray Melugin
8-20-2017 Will YOU hear these words "Well done thy good and faithful servant" Ray Melugin
8-13-2017 Hell is for real, it is not a joke! Ray Melugin
8-6-2017 Why am I like I am and WHO do I listen to? Ray Melugin
7-30-2017 Let's Go Fishing Ray Melugin
7-23-2017 Music Ministry Warren Family
7-16-2017 Satan's Secret Weapon! Ray Melugin
7-2-2017 Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness! Steve Day
6-18-2017 How a Father's Influence Can Last For Millennia or Longer! Ray Melugin
6-11-2017 Adversity Helps Christians Grow! Ray Melugin
6-4-2017 Finish the Race by Keeping the Faith in the Final Authority the KJV. Ray Melugin
5-28-2017 The Race Jesus Placed You In When You Get Saved. Ray Melugin
5-21-2017 Only One Throne Ray Melugin
5-14-2017 What Kind of a Woman does God Want? Ray Melugin
5-7-2017 The Two Natures of Man..which do you strive to follow? con't Ray Melugin
4-30-2017 The Two Natures of Man..which do you strive to follow? Ray Melugin
4-23-2017 The Power of One Ray Melugin
4-16-2017 Ressurection Sunday, Could the grave hold Jesus? Ray Melugin
4-9-2017 Palm Sunday, Jesus rides an unbroken donkey...Why? Steve Day
3-19-2017 John Liles Missionary Report Ray Melugin
3-12-2017 Jamie Penick Missionary Report Ray Melugin
3-5-2017 Bonnie Wilson Missionary Report Ray Melugin
2-26-2017 Jewels in a Crown of Grace Ray Melugin
2-12-2017 One Enchanted Evening Ray Melugin
2-5-2017 Living Above Your Circumstances Ray Melugin
1-8-2017 The Valens Special Ray Melugin

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